We have worked with all sizes of client and on all types of projects, installing and maintaining single control point solutions through to multi-entry role-based site access control systems linked to a central monitoring station for hospitals, hotels, commercial sites and residential properties.

We provide:

  • RFID (radio frequency identification) operating proximity door locks, through the use of a proximity card reader with proximity key fobs and key cards
  • Biometric access control systems using fingerprint or retina readers
  • Access control card readers, using smart cards or swipe cards

We are able to provide leading edge access systems and advice on choosing the right solution for you and your business, from 1 to 1000 door systems. We work with all businesses but specialise in schools, colleges and Universities, the social housing sector and prestigious residential establishments.

Door Switch


AE Security are an essential service provider of integrated security and access control systems where vehicular and pedestrian access needs to be controlled. AE Security provides a complete automatic electric gates service including electrical system design, installation and automation. We can advise you on the best solution for your premises and we have experience installing and maintaining swing gates, sliding gates, in a variety of materials – steel, aluminium & wooden.

We can integrate your gates with a door entry system, access control system or biometric access system. We also provide electric gate repairs, service and maintenance.


Ensure your house is fully protected and you and your family is safe by installing good quality security lighting around your home or business. Security lighting is a visual deterrent against crime. LED security lighting with motion sensors illuminates the areas around your home or business.

Security lighting is the most cost effective way of deterring intruders. Contact us today for a quote or have a look at our exterior lighting range here.